Hana Airport

The Hana Airport is located within a short driving distance from Mack's Shack and there are regularly scheduled Pacific Wings Airline flights from Honolulu and Kahului. Charter flights are also available through Pacific Wings.

Kahului Airport

Kahului is the major airport for Maui and is about 50 miles from Kawika's Hill. The airport is serviced by direct flights from the Mainland by major airlines and Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines. The drive from the airport is one of magnificant scenary. It takes about two hours to drive if you aren't inclined to stop at many of the breathtaking waterfalls and vistas along the famous Hana Highway.

Honolulu International Airport

Regularly scheduled inter-island flights are available through Aloha and Hawaiian airlines. Pacific Wings has several regularly scheduled flights directly into Hana.

Car Rentals

All major car rental companies are available in Kahului. Dollar Rent-A-Car is located in the Hana Airport.