The Hana Highway

If you fly into Kahului and rent a car you will have to take the Hana Highway to reach Mack's Shack.  The Hana Highway was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001 and it is considered a National Millenium Legacy Trail.  A trip to Maui isn’t complete until you take the drive down the Hana Highway at least once.    Map to Hana

The Hana Highway is a notoriously narrow, winding road.   It has hundreds of hairpin curves and at least 66 one lane historic bridges.  The typical average speed is 15 mph, so allow around 2½ to 3 hours for the drive from Kahului.  There are plenty of scenic places to stop along the way with views of waterfalls, eucalyptus groves and giant bamboo jungles to discover.  A few fruit stands can be found on the road and you can stop and stretch your legs.  This side of the island is the misty side and it is no wonder that Hana is referred to as “Heavenly Hana” by the locals and tourists alike.

We are located ¾ mile past mile marker 27.  You’ll see our sign and the gate on the right hand side.  We are approximately 5 miles before Hana.   There are other alternatives if you choose not to drive from Kahului.